More and more people are entering the world of digital video making.  I’m guessing because you’re visiting our site, you’re probably one of those people.

I’m also going to guess that you’ve got a script you love, which is all perfectly designed to be filmed on your low/no budget.  All except for that one pesky little effects shot you’ve seen ten times a week on TV, but can’t afford ILM’s rates.  Weta charges quite a bit too I’ve heard.  And don’t even mention the Mill!

Well, look no further.  That’s what Shivering Cactus is here for.  I’m not promising that you can have a light-saber wielding Yoda in your home DV production.  Or that the Battle of Pellenor Fields will be re-fought in your home town, but maybe that explosion, light-saber, vampire dusting, space ship, Dalek, meteor crash, tropical island with giant metal dome fly-by etc… is just possible after all.

You never know until you ask.


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